Doctor's Course

Xiang Fei

1. Design and synthesis of novel alpha-mangostin analogues as anticancer agents.

2. Design and synthesis of novel gallic acid analogues as anti-inflammatory agents.

Bit Lee

Synthesis, biological evaluation and target identification of novel homoisoflavonoids for retinal neovascularization.

Wei Sun

1. Synthesis of anti-diabetic octaketide, ethyl 2-(2,3,4-trimethoxy-6-octanoulphenyl)acetate

2. Heptens synthesis and bioconjugation for development of single domain antibody-based rapid chemical pollutants detection method.

Yue Yuan

‌Synthesis and biological evaluation of honokiol analogs, and enantioselective and structural determination of hydroxywilfordic acid.

Sanha Lee

Doctor dissertation:
Synthesis of naturally occurring 9-hydroxyhomoisoflavanones and discovery of small molecule inhibitors targeting hippo pathway
Master dissertation:
Site-specific of photo-affinity probes for target identification of natural products

 Sangil Kwon

Doctor dissertation:
Total synthesis of (+)-dracaeconolide B and liriopeins A-D, and discovery of antiangiogenic homoisoflavonoids for the treatments of age-related macular degeneration
Master dissertation:
‌Total synthesis of naturally occurring 5,7,8-trioxygenated homoisoflavonoids
Master's Course

Shin-won Hwang

Asymmetric synthesis of hydroxywilfordic acid

Sang-lae Lim

Synthesis of anti-angiogenic natural product and its analogs

Dae-seong Lim

천연물 SPF-32629 를 기반으로 한 신규 pyridone 유도체 합성 연구

Hyeong-jun Lee

천연물 Cremastranone 을 기반으로 한 5,7-이중치환 그리고 5,6,7-삼중치환 호모이소플라보노이드의 합성 및 생리활성 연구

Yong-seok Park

Chemoselective control in acylation of 2-amino-8-quinolinol to generate either C2-amide or C8-ester

Myung-hoe Heo

Asymmetric synthesis of antiangiogenic homoisoflavanones

‌Jungeun Lee

 Discovery of new advanced glycation end products crosslinks breaker

Woonseong Shin

Total synthesis of naturally occurring methyl-substituted homoisoflavonoids

Minkyu Ji


Younje Seo


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